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Nov 24, 2014 -- 8:46am
  Week 13
Mizzou @ Tennessee (-3.5)TennTennMizzouMizzou
       Mizzou Record5-67-45-69-2
K State @ West Virginia (-2.5)K StateWVK StateK State
       K State Record6-45-57-38-2
Kansas @ Oklahoma (-25)OklahomaOklahomaOklahomaKansas
       Kansas Record4-5-14-5-14-5-12-7-1
Chiefs (-7) @ RaidersChiefsRaidersChiefsChiefs
       Chiefs Record9-25-65-66-5
Cowboys (-3) @ GiantsGiantsCowboysCowboysCowboys
      Wildcard Record14-8-110-12-19-13-112-10-1
Weekly Record2-2-12-2-13-1-12-2-1
Overall Record38-25-232-31-230-33-237-26-2


Program Picks

Nov 20, 2014 -- 1:23pm


  Week 13
Mizzou @ Tennessee (-3.5)TennTennMizzouMizzou
       Mizzou Record5-57-34-68-2
K State @ West Virginia (-2.5)K StateWVK StateK State
       K State Record5-45-46-37-2
Kansas @ Oklahoma (-25)OklahomaOklahomaOklahomaKansas
       Kansas Record3-5-14-4-13-5-12-6-1
Chiefs (-7) @ RaidersChiefsRaidersChiefsChiefs
       Chiefs Record9-14-65-56-4
Cowboys (-3) @ GiantsGiantsCowboysCowboysCowboys


Program Picks

Nov 18, 2014 -- 9:06am
  Week 12  
GameSorenDougKurtisFTRListenersFat Jack
Mizzou @ Texas A&M (-4.5)MizzouMizzouA and MMizzouA and MMizzou
       Mizzou Record5-57-34-68-23-74-6
       K State Record5-45-46-37-27-24-5
TCU (-29) @ KansasTCUTCUTCUKansasTCUKU
       Kansas Record3-5-14-4-13-5-12-6-12-6-15-3-1
Seahawks @ Chiefs (-2)ChiefsChiefsChiefsSeahawksSeahawksSeahawks
       Chiefs Record9-14-65-56-47-33-7
Patriots @ Colts (-3)ColtsColtsColtsPatriotsPatriotsPatriots
Florida State (-1.5) @ MiamiMiamiFSUMiamiFSUMiamiMiami
      Wildcard Record14-810-129-1312-1012-1011-11
Weekly Record2-33-21-44-11-43-2
Overall Record36-23-130-29-127-32-135-24-131-28-129-30-1


World Series Program Open

Oct 29, 2014 -- 10:20am

And now ready for the final chapter to erase 29 years…

10,594 days

2,513 losses

For watching Cone and Beltran and Damon and leaving

For watching Bo and Kerry Robinson climbing walls for different reasons

For Mike Sweeney pounding out 144 RBI and pounding down Jeff Weaver

For Neifi

For pounding tequila and having milk and cookies

For flipping a coin for the opening day starter

For all the jokes by Carson and Leno and Conan and Leno again and Fallon

For 9 presidential terms and 15 Olympiads

For signability picks

For Hal McRae considering Brett for Miller

For the promise of Bob Hamelin and Angel Berroa

For Storm and Mark Davis

For Hillman’s unicycle and Pena’s shower soaked uniform

For the committee and Miles Prentice

For renovations and the rolling roof

For George Brett and Frank White

For Howser and Quiz and Split

For 29 years…10,594 days..and 2513 losses..

And now ready for one game to make it all worthwhile…Soren Petro

Unfinished Business

Oct 21, 2014 -- 9:06am

It’s been an amazing run for the Royals to this point in 2014.  A roller coaster ride of a regular season finished with a late post season berth and a magical run to the World Series. Would all that be enough?

That answer probably can’t be answered until later.  How much later?  Well, in a week, if the Royals win it all the answer will be an easy one.  If the Giants win their third World Series in five years it may take a few months to decide if “getting there” was enough.

Not many expected the Royals to be here, but now that they are business needs to be finished.  No one knows this more than Royals fans who have waited 29 years between post season appearances. I’m often asked as a Cardinals fan why I care when the Cardinals lose in the playoffs because “you’re there every year.”  My response is you never know when it’s going to be your last chance in a while.

There will be big decisions in the off season…will James Shields be back, will Billy Butler and the Royals find a new contract that makes sense for both and can they afford to put millions to keep the Big 3 in tact.  Teams that come back whole the next year have trouble repeating a World Series run…a team with payroll restrictions and young players due a raise have it even tougher.

There is no guarantee of tomorrow so you must make the most of today.  The Royals are red hot and facing a team they match up well against.  Opportunity must be realized.  It’s hard to say there is pressure on a team few expected to even make it to this grand stage, but when the chances are so rare they have to be grasped. 

Maybe we will look back and see this as the beginning of a regular run into the postseason.  If not, a World Series win would let Royals fans look back and know that at least for one magical year their team did more than surprise…they became Champions. 

Knee Jerk Reactions

Sep 19, 2014 -- 12:04pm


It’s hard to get a read on the Chiefs after the first two games because they couldn’t have played with a more different effort and against two more different opponents.  People knew the schedule would be tougher this year, but game one  against the Titans wasn’t supposed to be part of that.  The Chiefs played with little emotion and a questionable game plan and fell flat. 

The effort, execution and plan were all better in Denver week 2, but the so was the opponent and the Chiefs fell just short.  It’s hard to hold much optimism for the tougher games on the schedule when the effort is inconsistent and still not enough on its better days. 

This week isn’t one of the tougher weeks for the Chiefs though against an equally inconsistent team in the Dolphins.  Playoffs seem like a long shot now so nothing is a must win…but for the Chiefs this may be one of the few “could wins” left on the schedule.  It looks to be a long year for the red and gold.


Tiger fans were split on expectations for the team going into the year.  That split almost mirrored the split on expectations for new starting QB Maty Mauk.  Mauk has performed well and so have the Tigers.  After sleep walking through a hot opener against a far inferior opponent, the Tigers have answered their other tests with high marks.  Going to Toledo could have proven tricky but Mauk and the defense were up to the task.  Central Florida tested Mizzou at their place a few years ago, but this time Mizzou won with ease pulling away in the second half. 

The biggest question for Mizzou now is how will they handle success.  After losing a lot of talent from last year’s team Mizzou’s new crop had something to prove.  They have to avoid the temptation now of thinking that job is done.  Indiana is a trap game and then the SEC slate begins with a tough trip to South Carolina…who already has a home win against Georgia on its resume.  The Tigers look good enough to steal a game most people think they will lose.  I see 3 losses on the schedule…four at worst.

K State

The difference between a special season and a good season is often razor thin.  That margin may have been used up by K State in the loss to Auburn.  The opportunity was there for a Cat win, but too many mistakes and miss-kicks left them just short of an upset  

The Wildcats look to have enough pieces to compete near the top of the Big 12.  And because of the way College Football is set up…and with the Big 12 being a round robin set up…K State still has everything in front of them.  Seeing some of the struggles they had against Auburns athletes I think the Cats will fall just short against Baylor and Oklahoma.  It will be another good season for Bill Snyder, but without the drama and finish of a few years ago.


If the Jayhawks don’t beat Central Michigan it’s hard to believe they will beat anyone else.  Charlie Weis has to go.  Then, it’s just wait for basketball season.

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